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Cyber Security Awareness Month: How are UK businesses faring?

9th October

In the last 12 months 32% of businesses identified a cyberattack or breach. The resulting loss of data or assets have cost firms an average of £4,180, up by more than £1,000 since 2018, according to the UK Government’s latest Cy ...
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Latest Cyber Security woes for UK SMEs and customers

23rd September

While we’ve been enjoying the summer the constant business of thwarting scams and cyber-attacks has shown little sign of slowing down.Criminal attacks on businesses and customers have continued with criminals finding new ways of p ...
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A Glossary of Cyber Terms: Do you know your Bots from your Breaches?

5th June

You’re busy running your business, making use of the latest information technology but you also want to stay up to date with the latest cybersecurity. However, do you know your Worms from your Trojans?It can be difficult to do the ...
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SMEs, are your staff being targeted by scammers?

13th May

Small businesses are waking up to the reality of cybercrime. Increasingly reliant of new communications and information technology, SMEs have to pay attention to protecting their online capital just as they would their goods and p ...
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Would your business be ready for a cyberattack?

25th April

Computer hacking has been top of the news agenda again with the arrest of Julian Assange, mastermind behind WikiLeaks. While WikiLeaks was more interested in hacking government computers and making their secrets public, the episod ...
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Happy Easter!

19th April

To all our much-valued colleagues and clients....
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Brexit and SMEs: Dealing with Cyber Security and Data Protection

22nd March

Whether the effects of Brexit on your small business fill you with optimism or dread, they should not be ignored. The current uncertain times mean that SMEs will not be immune from at least the short term challenges presented by B ...
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Six ways UK SMEs fall victim to cybercrime

26th February

Business-owners are usually eternal optimists with a can-do approach. Let’s face it, with all the obstacles to setting up and running a successful operation, they need to be. Britain’s 5.7 million SMEs are testament to the sheer d ...
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Top Five Reasons SMEs Should Act On Cybercrime

14th February

It's shocking that more than 4 in 10 UK businesses (43%) have suffered a cyber security breach or attack, according to government data collected in 2017/2018. The majority of UK businesses now benefit from some type of digital ser ...
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Who’s looking after your IT and cybersecurity?

5th February

There’s a lot to think about when running your own small business – from sales, supplies, staff to premises. However it’s important that your information technology is not an afterthought. Not only will it help your business opera ...
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