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Lets Get The Future Generation Programming With The BBC's Micro:Bit

22nd March 2016

A tiny computer, Raspberry Pi microcomputer style, is finally being delivered to schools in the UK, 6 months later than originally planned. The aptly named micro:bit, which has been created by the BBC, intends to inspire “a new ge ...
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Get Doodling To Keep Your Phone Secure

13th March 2016

We all know that keeping our devices secure is essential in today's climate, with computer hacking and phone cracking starting to become the norm.However, a team at Rutgers University have developed the first ever "free-for gestur ...
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In or Out. What do British Businesses Think?

23rd February 2016

David Cameron is back from his "battle in Brussels" and his reward for his efforts were some considerable reforms on the UK's EU membership agreement including: Child benefit - Child benefit payments to migrant workers to be recal ...
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UK Digital Businesses Play Essential Role in Economy Growth

12th February 2016

A study conducted by Tech City UK has revealed that digital technology businesses are playing an essential role in the UK economy's growth. The innovation that this sector is generating is profound with businesses transforming the ...
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Safe Harbour - What It Means For Tech Companies

3rd February 2016

What is Safe Harbour?In 2000 an agreement called Safe Harbour came into force in the EU that prohibited citizens' personal data from being sent to places that don't have proper privacy protections. It was decided that American fir ...
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A Fond Farewell to Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser

14th January 2016

Microsoft has ended all technical support and security updates for the older versions of its Internet Explorer browser. Currently 20% of web traffic takes place on versions 8, 9 and 10 of the browser, with only 55% of Internet Exp ...
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1st January 2016

To see our previous posts, please follow this link to access our old blog:
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