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How can businesses improve their Cyber security?

30th April 2018

The escalating use of technology in our private and business lives is here to stay. However, alongside the many benefits of digital technology – the convenience, the speed and reach – we are all having to learn to be secure in how ...
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How SMEs can boost productivity with the use of technology

20th April 2018

More small businesses are recognising the role which new technologies can play in improving their commercial performance. Whether it’s known as IT, ICT or digital capability, UK SMEs are increasingly investing in it to boost their ...
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Why SMEs need to act on the Facebook data breaches

12th April 2018

Recent revelations about data harvesting from Facebook users have caused alarm for computer users everywhere. While individuals may be concerned about their own personal information being accessed, the data breach has also led to ...
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How SMEs can benefit from HR software

19th March 2018

Small-to-medium businesses are the power-house of the UK economy.  At the start of 2017 small businesses formed 99.3% of UK businesses, employing 16.1 million people in total. Always hard-pressed, they are now under particular pre ...
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Should your business move to the cloud?

23rd February 2018

It seems that everyone is moving to the cloud. Cloud computing has not just changed how we access films (e.g. Netflix ) and listen to music (e.g. Spotify ) or share photographs but it is being adopted by businesses large and s ...
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New year heralds new warnings about Cyber Crime: “It’s when, not if"

8th February 2018

The beginning of the year brought dire warnings of a major cyber security attack on the UK. The head of the National Cyber Security Centre has reportedly said that the UK has been lucky to avoid a “category one” attack.” Whil ...
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Merry 2018 Christmas to All !

19th December 2017

Wishing All Our Customers, Suppliers, Colleagues and Friends a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a WONDERFUL 2018 !! xx Read Roy's Story Roy is raising money to help Crisis
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Online Safety Advice for you and your children

7th December 2017

 A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL 360ict CLIENTS AND FAMILIES With Christmas fast approaching many of you will be spending time with family and during the holiday period it may well be that younger members of your family have receiv ...
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22nd November 2017

Nearly half of new businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months. Cyber criminals are after your money, your data and your intellectual property. If you haven't taken steps to protect yourself and your busin ...
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26th October 2017

Ransomware is on the rise – there are now more than 50 families of this malware in circulation — and it’s evolving quickly. With each new variant comes better encryption and new features. This is not something you can ignore!   ...
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