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Would your business be ready for a cyberattack? - Page 2

Passwords in data breaches and cybersecurity

5th December 2018

It’s obvious that passwords are an essential part of protecting your online information. Yet one of the key gripes of modern digital life is having to create a password for everything. However, love them or hate them, an effective ...
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Staying safe online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

23rd November 2018

Black Friday is here! Following all the hype, customers are finally bagging bargains and shopping online. It’s not just the one day anymore but many businesses extend the sales fest to over the weekend into Cyber Monday, and beyon ...
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What does Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean for small businesses?

19th November 2018

Is your SME ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Black Friday is on 23 November followed by Cyber Monday three days later. For small businesses these shopping extravaganzas bring real opportunities for extra sales. However cus ...
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How can SMEs make the most of their ICT?

7th November 2018

From buying online, booking cinema tickets to signing up for online education courses - we all use digital technology now for so many areas of our lives. It’s no surprise then to find get-ahead businesses adopting the latest techn ...
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How technology helps SMEs compete with larger firms

25th September 2018

The spread of IT has been a game changer for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Once only affordable by larger organisations, small businesses can now take advantage of IT to compete against larger competitors.Competing against b ...
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The Continuing Threat of Cybercrime to SMEs

11th September 2018

The UK’s heatwave this summer has distracted many of us during the holiday period. Busy with vacations, family and friends it’s easy to get your eye off the ball. However, the threat of cybercrime and data breaches to your digital ...
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SMEs and ICT – Going it alone or having a managed IT service?

16th July 2018

There comes a time when most small businesses have to ask – how can I get my IT to work better for me and how am I going to achieve it?In today’s world there’s no escaping the need for ICT (Information & Communication Technology) ...
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How failure to use technology is costing small businesses

5th July 2018

Small businesses who fail to use technology properly could be missing out on higher productivity. Any business in the modern world should be harnessing the power of technology to save on costs and increase profitability. The incre ...
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Huge business data breach in Scam Awareness Month

20th June 2018

News of the shocking Carphone data breach this month reminds us all about the vulnerability of our online data. It’s timely that this year June is also Scam Awareness Month which aims to highlight cybercrime and give advice on gua ...
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How technology can help make your business more resilient?

7th June 2018

Is your business or organisation resilient? Every year thousands of businesses fail because they have neglected to maximise their resilience to various threats to their business.  In 2017, there were 5.7 million businesses in the ...
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