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Hot off the Press!

Posted on 16th June 2016

Samsung Electronics has snapped up Joyent to give it access to its own cloud platform to support it in the areas of mobile, IoT and cloud-based software and services.

US-based Joyent was one of a handful of veteran standalone companies with expertise in cloud computing and competed with giants like Google, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

You can use cloud hosting services to provide a seamless connection to remote data centre services for your business. Or if it’s time for a more extensive upgrade to support your company’s IT create the next generation in the cloud instead of relying on local infrastructure to do it.

Cloud hosting means you don’t need to buy any extra hardware or software, or hire any extra in-house IT staff, to get enterprise-quality IT systems working for your business. Did you know that 360ict can host and manage your IT infrastructure? All you have to do is choose the elements of hosted cloud services you need.

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