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Affordable all-inclusive IT solutions that flex with your needs

Get all your iT, communications and business support in one place with simple, cost effective pricing

Use 360ict's modular approach to get the precise level of service you need, and save the time and energy you would otherwise waste communicating with multiple providers. This flexibility means we can serve as your IT department, complement your existing staff or support your business teams.

Take our core ICT managed services and communications modules, supported by our team based in our London Offices, then add business applications and practical assistance from printer maintenance to office relocation. All-inclusive pricing makes it easy to choose your service options and justify the budget.

We also offer an Emergency Tech Support Service to our customers as we appreciate that now and again emergencies will happen with computers, telephone systems, and servers, and we can be there to help and assist when needed.

By streamlining your small business transactions and processes in alignment with your organisational goals, 360ict helps you create the mindspace for greater innovation and profitability while ensuring stability, security and commercial efficiency.

What SMEs should look for in an IT support company...

If you run a small business, then you will be familiar with the problems that computers and IT can bring. If your company is quite small, the likelihood is that your IT problems will be dealt with by the most competent person on the team. However, in the long run, this won’t work, as the person who ends up fixing all of the problems is taking time from their core activity, and may not have the skills or time to be able to keep up with developments in IT. If you own or run a small business, then you ideally want your entire team to focus on growing and expanding your company. Instead, they waste time by dealing with technological problems again and again.

You can fix this problem by hiring outside help. Hiring the support of a specialist IT company has many benefits. An experienced IT support team will be able to correctly identify and fix any problems which may arise in your small business. Even more importantly they will be able to audit and monitor your equipment to prevent issues arising. This takes some of the pressure off of your staff, so they can focus on what’s essential to your business, and ensure that productivity does not drop due to IT problems.

If you’re a small business owner or manager and you’re thinking about hiring in outside help then fear not. In this short guide we are going to help you with what to look for when hiring an IT support company .

Proactive Business IT Support

Some companies only come to the rescue whenever there is a problem. You give them a ring; they give you a ticket number, you wait until they get round to fixing whatever problem you’re having.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of support (in fact most IT companies will spend the majority of their time doing this anyway), there are better methods of supporting a small business. A good IT company can help reduce the number of things that go wrong by being proactive when it comes to managing your business. They should monitor your network for any problems, and be able to tell you if something is going to go wrong. At 360ict we have invested heavily in network monitoring software.

In a small business, it’s likely that everyone knows one another and it’s essential to have the same sense of camaraderie with your IT company too. If they get to know everyone and how everyone works, they will understand your IT needs better. Being proactive doesn’t just mean fixing problems before they happen.

Flexibile And Scalable Support

For many SME’s cash-flow is king. Income may not be steady month-to-month. Pay-As-You-Go pricing allows you to have an IT support company on hand when you need them. In some cases signing up to a long-term contract with an IT company may mean that you’re wasting money some months when you should be putting the budget in other places.

An Experienced Small Business IT Support Company

Don’t be afraid to ask what kind of experience your chosen IT support company have in managing and helping small businesses. Look for customer testimonials. Have they worked with customers in your sector? Can they demonstrate that they have worked with companies who have grown? Ask questions – it’s your chance to find out if they can handle a business like yours. At 360ict Ltd we have over twenty pages of testimonials and customer case studies on this website.

Having relevant and proper qualifications is another crucial point. Because IT changes so fast, it’s important to see that the IT support staff are getting regular training and are regularly updated on the different changes. This is for your peace of mind so you know that you are getting the best help that you can get. Don’t be afraid to ask for qualifications, training, certificates and anything else that can prove how adept they are at getting the job done.

Quick-Response Tech Solutions

If you are a small business, you will understand the value of getting things done efficiently. If you spend too long on something, you are wasting valuable time that could be put to better use. The same ethos should apply to your chosen IT support company. If your network goes down, and the IT support company takes hours to get back to you and then hours to sort it out – that can end up as a whole day wasted because of poor response times. Having a team behind you that can get the job done correctly is super important because it will mean you can get back to work sooner and aren’t losing any valuable time or hours sitting around doing nothing. A good IT company should be able to respect this and get you the help you need as quickly as they can.

At 360ict Ltd., our priority response for a critical issue is 15 minutes.

Data Security Services Provider

Having a team that understands the importance of data security is essential. I you’re a running a small business, you can end up being more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Making sure your IT support company is looking out for you in this respect is crucial. There is no point in having a great network and well-running computers when they could be hacked at any moment. Take the time to make sure the IT company that you have chosen has the training and expertise to deal with your cyber security.


One final thing – if an IT company is hesitant or outright refuses to provide you with evidence for any of the above then don’t bother. Reputable companies should have no problem providing this information, they only reason they won’t is if they have something to hide. Call us today on 0208 663 4000 and discover the 360ict difference.


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