Can MS Lync replace your PBX Telephone System ?

If you’re still relying on a public branch exchange (PBX) telephone system for your voice communications, your business is missing out on a wealth of communications technology.

The PBX system is the in-house network of phone lines that connects your telephone extensions to each other and to the much larger network of the outside world. And, to be honest, PBX is getting to be a bit behind the times.

We are an IT support company in London, who specialise in Voice and Data systems for telephony and computing, including solutions for SMEs whose legacy telephone systems are approaching —or have already reached— the end of their lifetime. When the original manufacturer no longer supports your old telephone system, you know it’s long past time to plan an upgrade.
Lync is a Microsoft product that enables many productivity-boosting communication tools, including:
  • Instant messaging and interactive chat
  • Online presence and availability indicators
  • Online meetings with interactive audio and video conferencing
  • Multi-party data sharing within and outside of your organisation
  • Live online presentations
  • Collaborative tools for desktop sharing and online whiteboards

By supplementing your PBX telephone system with Lync, you’ll be able to streamline your business communications across multiple devices and locations.
But you can also take advantage of Lync’s advanced “Enterprise Voice” features to completely replace your existing telephone systems with fully functional online telephony:
  • Internal and external voice calls from any location
  • Call handling
  • Simultaneous ringing for team members with shared answering responsibilities
  • Team calling and call delegation
  • Hot-desking
  • Voicemail with audio recording or transcription

Enterprise Voice works across your PC network infrastructure for use with headsets or traditional handsets, as you prefer. Choose the implementation that works best for your business: Software-as-a-Service, installation on your internal on-premise file servers, or integration with your Office 365 configuration.

The ultimate benefit? Lync typically costs less than PBX telephony, so your business saves money as well as time and effort.

To find out how easily you can upgrade your legacy telephone system to a modern voice network, give us a call on 0208 663 4000



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